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DP Energy

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) called Fair Head Tidal Energy Park Limited has been established to develop the Fair Head tidal energy site. The SPV is jointly owned by DP Marine Energy Ltd and Bluepower NV.The Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park is being developed by DP Energy Australia Pty Ltd, part of the DP Energy Group. DP Energy develops utility-scale renewable energy projects across a number of technologies (wind, solar, tidal and storage). All DP Energy developments are sustainable and environmentally benign.


DP Energy is a group of companies, which operate in the field of renewable energy. It is a fundamental principle of the businesses that all their developments are sustainable. DP Energy is actively working on a number of tidal energy projects including the 200MW Westray South Project and the 30MW West Islay Tidal Energy Park and a multi turbine array at the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) facility in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada.
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Bluepower NV is a new company established by DEME Blue Energy and Nuhma, both Belgian companies. DEME is a marine construction group with roots going back 150 years. DEME has gained direct tidal installation experience as part of the installation team for the SeaGen device, the first commercially operated tidal turbine at Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland. More details on DEME can be found


The Fair Head Tidal Energy Park Limited is the subject of a €8.02million grant from the European Commission (EC) under the FP7 Programme, to demonstrate a tidal array at Fair Head. The SPV partners are collaborating with a range of industry and academic partners as part of the Tidal Demonstration of Energy Scheme, Grant Agreement No. ENER/FP7/322428/TIDES