The Project

Clean, reliable and endlessly renewable, the energy harnessed by the Fair Head Tidal project from the tides that ebb and flow with enormous force off the North Antrim coast will generate the equivalent electricity to power an estimated 70,000 Northern Irish homes once operational. The Straits of Moyle are the narrowest part of the North Channel where the Atlantic meets the Irish Sea. The Straits are home to one of the world’s most powerful tidal flows. It is a natural fit for the generation of predictable power using the latest tidal technologies. The development area is centered approximately 2km to the east of Fair Head off the north Antrim coast and around 1km at its nearest point to land. It occupies an area of approximately 4.2km² is centered on Latitude 55.230 and Longitude -6.104

The project is adjacent to a second 100MW project being developed by Tidal Ventures Limited (TVL). It is expected that the two projects together will export up to 200MW of renewable energy to the Northern Irish grid over the coming decade.

Project Description

It is proposed that the Fair Head Tidal Energy project will be delivered in phases. FHT is considering an initial demonstration array, of around 4 – 6 turbines, and with an output of up to 10MW, which would be connected into the existing electricity grid at Ballycastle. Further phases would complete the proposed 100MW array of tidal turbines that would be capable of powering some 70,000 homes.


The interactive map below shows the location of the proposed Fair Head Tidal Energy Project.

Project Programme

The AfL awarded by The Crown Estates (TCE) allows the developer exclusive rights to develop a tidal energy site off Fair Head with a target to deliver a 100MW tidal energy project into commercial operation by 2021. See the current development timeline below.

Project Gallery