DP Energy recognises that a proposal such as the Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park Stage 2 is a significant development and there can be a diversity of views in the community. We believe that open communication is critical in ensuring that community views are heard and are taken into account as the project evolves.

This website is intended as a means of communication. General feedback can be provided via the 'Have Your Say' page below or specific questions can be submitted via our Contact Form.

We believe it is important that accurate, clear and concise information about the project is freely available, and we are committed to providing this. This website will be updated regularly as the project develops.

Have Your Say

The form below provides an opportunity to let us know how you feel about the proposed Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park Stage 2. While there are no required fields, the more information you provide helps us to better understand community views and concerns.


The Project offers direct benefits to local communities through potential employment opportunities during the construction and operational phases, together with indirect economic benefits for local businesses through the sourcing of local products, materials and services.