We aim to carry out sustainable developments which are environmentally benign and conducted in a manner which has the least possible impact on other species. Our approach in this respect is to consult with stakeholders and local interest groups in order to identify potentially sensitive issues so we are able to agree a scope and methodology that best defines not only how the baseline surveys will be carried out, but also how the project may impact on such sensitivities.


The Environment:

Solar projects require a series of assessments to understand and mitigate any adverse environmental impacts. These include the following:

Wildlife and vegetation surveys have been conducted and compiled into a technical report that informs the environmental evaluation and helps to determine potential environmental effects of the project. Mitigation includes a Snake Mitigation Plan to be adopted during the construction phase.

A noise impact assessment has been completed to assess compliance with AUC Rule 012: Noise Control

Historical resource potential has been assessed and used to prepare a Historical Resources Application for submission to Alberta Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women. HRA approval was granted for the project in July 2022.

Results from the biophysical evaluation, noise impact assessment and historical resources application will be compiled into an application for approval to the AUC under Rule 007.

NAV CANADA has evaluated the proposed project and has confirmed there is no objection to the project as submitted.

As part of the development process for Saamis Solar Park, all the environmental assessments will be considered in the final design.