Project Description

Barlow Solar Park is a proposed utility scale ground-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) project within Calgary city limits, located west of Barlow Trail SE and north of 114 Avenue SE.

The project comprises approximately 1500 rack-mounted solar PV tables held in place by concrete ballast footings. The 27 MW project will generate enough clean energy to offset the annual electricity usage of more than 6000 households.

Most development options for the 130-acre brownfield site would be restricted due to the existence of capped phosphogypsum stacks.


Current Status

Consultation and notification activities and engagement with our stakeholders was undertaken throughout 2020 to understand and address questions and concerns about the project.

An application for the project was filed with the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) in February 2020 and approval granted in October 2020. We anticipate commencing construction of the solar park later in 2021.

Timelines are dependent on many factors and may be revised as needed throughout the project.


Construction of the solar park is expected to last between six and nine months, during which time there will be an increased level of activity at the site, particularly with deliveries of the solar park equipment.

The site has good highway access, and once construction is complete, it is not anticipated that there would be any significant increase in site traffic when compared to existing levels.


The implementation of a solar facility provides significant benefits to residents and businesses in the local area and the province:

  • The development will provide short term and long term employment in local communities and will contribute to the local tax base.
  • The generation profile for Solar PV is particularly suited to the electricity needs of the province, with peak generation during hot sunny days when electricity demand is highest due to cooling requirements.
  • Local generation of energy helps to stabilize the power grid, reducing the chances of brown-outs and lowering the rate of transmission line power losses.

We focus on reducing the reliance on other energy generated from fossil fuel sources in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help provide a sustainable future for our planet.